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Exchange rate US$ 1 = KES 128.50
About Us
KENYA-based PoaPay.com is a licensed trademark of PoaPay Money, a Homewood, AL company dedicated to providing a secure, quick, cost-effective and easy way to remit money abroad. Sending money to KENYA does not have to be difficult or expensive. Your family, friends or business associates cannot wait weeks to receive the funds, and you cannot afford the expensive fees, complications and insecurities typical of traditional money remittance services. You can count on PoaPay.com, built for the global KENYA!

Our innovative site allows you to send money to KENYA from the comfort of your home or workplace or from any computer with an internet connection. There are no long lines and no need to interrupt your busy day to travel to a merchant, agent or bank to send money. Simply log on to PoaPay.com, register as a user, enter your recipient's contact information, the amount you wish to send and send the money. It's that easy!

You can charge the amount you would like to send to your credit or debit card or deduct the money directly from your bank account. You can also use our exchange rate calculator to determine the amount your recipient will be receiving in KES in KENYA.

Your remittance will be processed instantly over the internet and the money disbursed to your recipient through direct deposit, home delivery or pick-up at one of our branches, depending upon your preference. The recipient does not need to have a bank account or computer access. You can verify the status of your money remittance at any time. We will immediately send you confirmation regarding each step of your transaction until completion.

In addition, we have taken the anxiety out of international money remittances by incorporating industry-leading security features into the process. Furthermore, all money transfers are completely regulatory compliant.

Transactions approved and processed via this web-portal are FDIC insured.

This means that unlike many traditional remittance service providers, PoaPay.com remittances are processed in adherence with United States regulatory compliance requirements (U.S. Patriot Act, Anti-Money Laundering, Bank Secrecy Act, OFAC, NACHA, CHAPS and BACS processing policies), as well as the laws of KENYA.

PoaPay.com is pleased to offer this secure, fast, and inexpensive way of sending money to KENYA.

Money remittance is just a click away with PoaPay.com.
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